Revitalize Energy is a better kind of energy company, changing the world one well site at a time using modern technology and best practices to operate without compromising our environment, people and assets. We are changing the energy sector the better -see how below.


Established in 2016, Revitalize Energy Inc. (REI) is an Alberta, incorporated company Operating in Alberta and Saskatchewan to be the leader in the use of new technology, application of biobased technologies to optimize oil & gas well operations.

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What Makes Us Different?

Our Story

Revitalize Energy Inc. is a better kind of energy company. We have proven the application of biobased chemistry in oil & gas operations which increases production and reduces overall cost. Our mission is to acquire distressed oil and gas assets and revitalize them with revolutionary biobased solutions to enhance production in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable process.

Generally, the world has a negative perception of oil production as it relates to environmental stewardship. In our everyday operations, we address these negative opinions that have an impact on our resource rich country. Like all energy companies, we share a similar desire to extract oil and gas from the reserves and bring them to market. What makes us different is that we are not content with harming the environment or people in the process.

We are setting the standard by ensuring the enhanced oil recovery chemicals and processes, cleaners, demulsifiers, lubricants, and greases that we use are safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. Our operations are continuously conducting “insitu” remediation and clean site practices. We also educate our partners and vendors on the value proposition of applying biobased chemicals and sustainable practices.

We only have one environment - protection of the environment preserves our ability to extract the needed resources.