About Revitalize

A Little More About Us

Established in 2016, Revitalize Energy Inc. (REI) is an Alberta, incorporated company. As a junior exploration & production (E&P) company, Operating out of Alberta and Saskatchewan, our primary target market is the acquisition and revitalization of distressed assets. With this responsibility, we also conduct the environmental remediation of each site and related contaminated locations. The unique business model of REI includes the development of industry specific processes and equipment, which incorporate modern technologies and processes, tailored for the requirements of the energy industry.

REI’s emphasis and focus includes efficient operations, internal circular economy, innovation and environmental sustainability.

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Our Story

Revitalize Energy Inc. is a Canadian Small Enterprise Producer. Like other Oil and Gas companies, we share a similar desire to produce oil and gas to generate revenue. What makes us different is that we are not content with harming people, environment or our future in the process.

Our Culture

At Revitalize Energy Inc., our culture is based on enabling our team, vendors and partners to leverage synergies, share knowledge and experience, while being accountable for getting the job done safely and responsibly. We build from our collective experiences to bring out our best, and challenge the opinions and expectations of those who say this industry can't change. We are not spending our time just talking about it. We are spending our time going out there, rolling up our sleeves, doing the work, and making things happen, one well at a time. Safety and environment are not just programs in the company, it's in the way we combine our efforts to save money and operate efficiently, while protecting what’s most important, the people and the environment.


Revitalize Energy Inc. is committed to leading the industry with our environmental mission to promote technologies and products that help us produce, without negatively impacting the environment, land or people. We partner with like minded companies and technologies that enable us to grow and operate within our high standards.

Revitalization - One Well At a Time

We believe sustainability is our responsibility as a company. Not just because it is the right thing to do, it is because it brings down our overall cost of operations for the full lifecycle of the asset portfolio.