Revitalize Energy Whistleblower Policy

Revitalize Energy 2021 ESG report
July 29, 2022


Calgary, AB, October 20, 2022 ‒ Revitalize Energy Inc. (REI) Revitalize is committed to transparency and accountability.

Revitalize Energy Inc and Revitalize Energy Holding Inc. Board of Directors have approved for release our corporate Whistleblower Policy

About Revitalize Energy

Established in 2016, Revitalize Energy Inc. (REI) is an Alberta, incorporated company. As a junior exploration & production (E&P) company, our primary target market is the drilling, acquisition and revitalization of our portfolio of assets for their entire lifecycle. We create value by leveraging our technology adoption program and as an O&G technology incubator. For more information and the latest news on Revitalize Energy Inc., go to our website or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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